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WGE BlueScope Steel Shutdown Team in March


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Another Win & New Sales Record for WGE Road Products

In February 2015, WGE Group was awarded a Panel Supply Contract with the Local Government Procurement body for the supply of Road Side Furniture to 159 local councils and traffic authorities in New South Wales. The WGE Group will manufacture and distribute Road Traffic Signs, Posts, Guide Markers and Guard Rail under the contract as it works to continue its growth in this market segment.

March 2015 Sales Record

March 2015 Sales exceed February 2015 Division Sales Record by slim margin of 1.04% to take the lead year to date.

With Product Line Expansion in Q2 2015 our sales are expected to continue strong into 2016

WGE Wins Hornsby Station Footbridge

WGE is awarded Supply, Fabrication and Install contract for 30 Metre long Pedestrian Foot Bridge for the George St Rail Way Station in Hornsby as part of Hornsby Council and Sydney Trains upgrade of the existing Station. The New Pedestrian bridge will link communters from the train station into George St safely.

WGE & Sydney Water

The WGE Sydney Water service delivery team has been busy in March with Safety Upgrades underway at Hornsby Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Leadership in Health and Safety

In 2014 the WGE Group developed the Leadership in Health and Safety of LiHS Campaign with the aim of recognising and rewarding those individuals whom display Leadership in Health and Safety.

In only its second month the WGE Group has no shortages of Leaders in Health and Safety.

January 2015 LiHS award was awarded to Owen Jack for his personal performance and attitude towards his own safety and the safety of others around him.

WGE Southern Cross Precasts JV

Were Building Something Real!

In March the WGE Group and Southern Cross Precasts form an unincorporated Joint Venture which successfully has secured work Manufacturing and Installing Precast Homes as part of a multiple site 1400 luxury home development project.

WGE Academy - Our Interactive eLearning Portal

At the WGE Group we are all about refined systems and procedures. A Procedures is a fixed, step by step sequence of activities or course of action that must be followed in the same order to correctly perform a task. It enhances consistency, reduction of defects through human errors and improves communication.

It was our aim at the begining of 2014 to train our global workforce all of the companies procedures. 15 Months in we are 60% of the way towards achieving this goal and we have achieved this thank you to our very own interactive e-Learning platform called the WGE Academy which delivers 30 minute training modules via a one on one delivery method.


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