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WGE Precast

Economical and Architectural Retaining Solutions

Infrastructure Precasts

Pre-Stressed Concrete Bridge Planks

Rectangular precast, prestressed deck units comein a variety of sections and arrangements. These units are used in conjunction with a topping slab which acts compositely with them. The smaller units are solid, but the depth increases they are voided to reduce dead load and increase structural efficiency. Voids are terminated in from each end to produce a solid section for end bearing and support.

They are simple and speedy to erect with minimum formwork and labour requirements. WGE PSC Planks are mades to RMS or other relevant body specifications.

Bridge Parapets

WGE Precast manufactures Bridge Parapets to RMS Specifications and Tolerances. From standardised design to customised units WGE can manufacture and delivery to the tightest scheduling requirements to ensure your project remains on track.

Precast Box Culverts

WGE Precast manufactures Box Culverts to Australian Standards and RMS Standards.

WGE Precast also manufactures "custom" precast products made to meet specific client designs and specifications on request.

Our product range includes Box Culvert Base Slabs and Wing Walls

Precast Traffic Barriers

WGE Precast manufactures F-Type barriers to suit RMS Specifications with Single Sided and Double Sided F-Profile

Units are availlable for Purchase or Hire. Customised units are available with a range of Cast In Items and Penetrations.

Precast Traffic Islands

Precast Concrete Bollards

Precast Car Park Wheel Stops

Precast Concrete Steet Furniture

WGE Precast Projects
Noise Wall - Burnt Creek Deviation Balgowlah

Supply and Installation of Steel Support Columns, 178 Precast Wall Panels and Paint. Night Time Installation under Traffic Control

Supply and Installation Bondek Suspended Floor Slab

Supply and Installation of Bondek Floor System including Propping Design, Supply-Tie-Place Steel and Concrete Finish

Mt Gilead Retirement Village Stage 2

Supply and Installation of 32 Independant Living Units, Suspended Bondek Floor Slabs and Roof Systems Within 9 Month Construction Window

Column Fit Precast Retaining Walls

Design, Supply and Installation of Face Column Fit Precast Retaining Wall System Including Structural Steel for Either Privacy or Bank Stabilisation

Tilt-Up Panel Warehouse Construction

Turn Key Industrial Warehouse Construction, Excavation, Piering, Ground Slabs, Tilt Up Panel Supply and Install Including All Strucutral Steel

Mt Gibraltar Park Retirement Village Stage 1

Delivery, Installation and Finish of Precast Wall Panels, Bondek Floor System and Structural Steel Roofs for Stage 1 Display Units mt Gibraltar Park Bowral